Our philosophy

The world around us has dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the same time, we became uncertain, wary of other people and afraid of contagion. We must take health protection measures, wear masks and adhere to social distancing rules to slow down the virus’s spread.  Health preservation requires a responsible mindset.

For the sake of society, it is extremely important that we get back on track, go to work and restart the economy as soon as possible, while maintaining the necessary precautions. Otherwise, we have to face a deep economic crisis, recession and severe unemployment.

But safety measures are not effective if we cannot enforce them or filter out people with symptoms who are meeting others irresponsibly or those who are not wearing a respiratory mask, since in that case responsible members of our society will not start developing trust, either. And without trust, there is no workforce, no clients, no buyers, no economy.

Our main goal is to protect the health of people and slow down the spreading of the virus to restore a feeling of safety and trust.