In this rapidly changing world, we have to wear masks, adhere to social distancing rules and pay special attention to hygiene in order to preserve our health.

But safety measures are not effective if we cannot enforce them or filter out people with symptoms who are meeting others irresponsibly, without wearing a mask, since in that case responsible members of our society will not start developing trust, either. And without trust, there is no workforce, no clients, no buyers, no economy.

We began development of ThermoVir® based on this problem.

One of the most common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus is high fever. The easiest way to do screening is mandatory body temperature checks for everyone when entering the premises.

Through this control measure, employees, clients and guests will be as safe and will feel as safe as possible.

Increasing the sense of safety creates a relaxing atmosphere in the workplace, which results in growing efficiency, customer turnout and higher visitor numbers.

The virus’s spread can be slowed down and traced.  With a high enough number of devices, a virus map can be created to assess hotspots.

The wide use of the device provides strategic insights that support a central protection and communication strategy tailored to specific needs.

ThermoVir at a glance:


We developed our product to provide most accurate, comfortable and safest method to check the body temperatures of people passing by.


  • It can check without human intervention if someone standing in front of the device has a fever by measuring body temperature
  • It checks if the person wears a face mask (optional)
  • It emits a sound and light alarm to signal if the person can pass
  • It enables management of a central database on a server – LAN and WLAN connection (optional)
  • Management of a virus map on a network – highlighting the most affected regions (optional)
  • Data download over USB connection
  • Controlling electronic locks and access control systems (optional)
  • RFID scanner, management of access cards and electronic passes (optional)
  • Time sheets, attendance checking (optional)

We developed our solution for businesses, public institutions and those of you who would like to filter out ill people entering their premises as safely as possible.

It is especially efficient for use in the following fields:

  • Coach lines, long-distance transport (to stop the virus’s spread)
  • Office buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Sport facilities, gyms
  • Education institutions (universities, schools, kindergartens, nurseries)
  • Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, health care institutions
  • Dental surgeries 
  • Municipal institutions
  • Libraries, museums
  • Hospitality, hotels, motels, hotel access control
  • Baths, thermal baths, swimming pools
  • Cinemas, theatres
  • Casinos
  • Banks
  • Working environments with multiple employees
  • Businesses and institutes with access control systems